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Report: 14.6% of Beijing's migrants own flats

By:china daily 2017/7/17 11:22:25
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More than 14 percent of the floating population in Beijing have purchased houses in the city, according to a survey issued on Friday.

The floating population covers people without Beijing hukou, or permanent household registration, though they live in Beijing all the time.

The total number of flats owned by migrants is estimated to exceed 1.2 million, according to Beijing Bluebook: Report on Beijing's Social Development (2016-2017), jointly released by the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and Social Sciences Academic Press.

The findings are based upon a survey sample of some 8,000 migrants scattered in Beijing's 13 districts, which do not include Yanqing, Miyun and Pinggu districts.

The report says migrants in Beijing have purchased an estimated 1.2 million flats, while the stock of commercial flats in Beijing is around 5.5 million. Therefore, the migrants are having a considerable influence over the housing market in Beijing.

The findings show that flat owners are aged 30 to 44 and are at least college degree holders. They usually have expertise in a certain industry and their monthly income is over 4,000 yuan. Most of them are married.

Among the 8,000 respondents surveyed, a higher percentage of flat owners are seen among those employed with foreign companies and state-owned enterprises and institutions, according to the report.

Also, being male, married, covered by a housing fund and staying for a longer time in Beijing are all positive contributors to purchasing a flat, it says.

The report also suggests the development of a public and private rental housing market to the benefit of migrants and local people, as well.

Source:china daily
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