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Seminar explores creation of new-era Chinese studies

By:China daily 2023/9/26 14:08:49
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A seminar focusing on the characteristics of Chinese culture and accelerating the creation of new-era Chinese studies was held in Beijing on Monday.

It was organized by the World Association for China Studies and the Center for Promotion of Cultural Development under Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xie Fuzhan, president of the World Association of Chinese Studies and former president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, delivered the keynote speech.

In his statement, Xie emphasized that expediting the development of new-era Chinese studies is not only a crucial element in establishing the "three major systems" of Chinese philosophy and social sciences with distinct Chinese characteristics, but also a pressing need for the creation of an independent knowledge system in China. The three systems encompass the discipline system, academic system and discourse system.

"To deepen the research of new-era Chinese studies, we must follow Marxist guidance, maintain cultural confidence and uphold openness and inclusiveness. Promoting the creation of new-era Chinese studies is an important part in creating modern Chinese civilization for China in the new era. It is also an important aspect of China's wisdom, and its solutions for creating a community with a shared future for humanity," Xie said.

The three-day seminar is hosting eight sessions with 40 experts giving speeches. The participating experts have engaged in in-depth discussions around accelerating the creation of new-era Chinese studies, presenting diverse regional studies from multidisciplinary perspectives.

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