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By:RU Xin

Publication Date:2009-12-01

As one of the core academic brands in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the work is an original product that produced by several sociologists from key academic departments. It analyzes the social trend and hot issues in current China from the aspects of people’s living standa...

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Annual Report on China's Energy Development (2009)


By:CUI Minxuan

Publication Date:2009-05-01

The book is for the purpose of helping people know more about the current situation and trend of the energy industry in China. In the face of short-term energy development dilemma under economic crisis and some key issues about the ongoing development of energy industry, the works take...

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Annual Report on China Financial Development (2008-2009)


By:LI Yang

Publication Date:2009-06-01

Written by elites from the most authoritative research department in the world of finance in China, the book is for the purpose of making a systematical and comprehensive description to the development of the main fields in financial industry between 2007 and 2008, as well as to commen...

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