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China's Journey Toward the Rule of Law : Legal Reform , 1978-2008


By:CAI Dingjian

Publication Date:2008-12-01

China’s history vicissitude towards the rule of law for 30 years is great change, and is numerous and complicated; the dialectical treatment determination of the idea from the rule of men to the rule of law, the effective constitution system, and the practice of criminal and jud...

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From Ascetic Society to the Consumer Society:Transformation of the institutions of consumption,the incentives to labor and the s...


By:WANG Ning

Publication Date:2009-02-01

From the beginning of founding of new China to today after reform and opening, the Chinese society has experienced profound transformation. Among them, an important one is the transformation of social stratification linked with the consumption system and the consumption idea. Thi...

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Sociology and China Society


By:LI Peilin

Publication Date:2008-08-01

This book’s contents have covered the creation and development of sociology in China since modern times, the evolution of Chinese society since modern times, the family and marriage, the patriarchal clan and the family, the community and the civil society, the organizing pro...

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The Legal History of The People's Republic of China


By:YANG Yifan

Publication Date:2010-01-01

Through the studies on new China’s history of departmental laws, including the constitutional history, the history of administrative law, the history of civil law, the history of criminal law, the history of commercial law, the history of procedural law, the history of intel...

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Annual Report on Urban Competitiveness (No.7)


By:NI Pengfei

Publication Date:2009-04-01

This book has firstly given a general report to 294 cities over prefecture level in China, and then made a regional report to 6 main regions and 22 provinces. This yearbook has placed the cities of China on to the global coordinate system, emphatically discussed the status and cause from...

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Report on Development of China's Media Industry (2009)


By:CUI Baoguo

Publication Date:2009-05-01

This book carries on the systemic review to the achievements and development logic in media industry since China’s reform and opening-up from the historical perspective. It discriminates, conforms and corrects various past data source of media industry, keeps an eye on the i...

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