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30 Years of China’s Reform and Open-up

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Reorienting Comcepts and Methodology : the 30 Years SRH in China


By:ZHANG Kaining

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2008-10-01


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This book truthfully records a series of positive tremendous changes in the sex and reproductive health in China since reform and opening for 30 years. Some experts from various subject domains have carried on the historical review and the rational reconsideration to the changes in the sex and reproductive health from the angles of respective subject, including eight academic domains such as the population and family planning, the women's empowerment, the sex and reproductive health services, the young people’s sex and reproductive health, the sex and social sexual distinction, the genital tract infection/venereal diseases/AIDS, the NGO growth in the sex and reproductive health, and the medical system reform etc. This book provides comprehensive and particular angle of observation to understand the development process of and the development direction of sex and reproductive health subject in China