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The Shape of the World to Come


By:Laurent Cohen-Tanugi

Publication Date:2009-09-01

Contrary to an optimistic vision of a world "flattened" by the virtues of globalization, the sustainability and positive outcomes of economic and political homogenization are far from guaranteed. For better and for worse, globalization has become the most powerful for...

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Politics of Climate Change


By:Anthony Giddens

Publication Date:2010-01-26

Climate change differs from any other problem that, as collective humanity, we face today. If it goes unchecked, the consequences are likely to be catastrophic for human life on earth. Yet for most people, and for many policy-makers too, it tends to be a 'back of the mind' issu...

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Urban Competitiveness of China


By:Zhang Yunling

Publication Date:2010-01-26

The global competition means the multi-leveling of competitive subjects and the complicating of competitive ways as well as the internationalization of competitive ranges and the all-side of competitive fields. The book analyses many questions of competitiveness of Chinese cit...

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