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The Intelligentsia in Late Qing and Republican China: The Emergence of New Media and New Ways of Life for Intellectuals ...


By:Zhang Qing

Publication Date:2015-11-24

The book examines changes in the Chinese society during the late Qing and Republican China from the point of view of the intellectual community. Members of the lettered class always have ways to signal their identity and status, and those during the Late Qing and Republican period are...

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Development of China’s Cultural Industry


By:Hu Huilin

Publication Date:2018-05-15

Rapid growth of China’s cultural industry has had significant cultural and economic consequences for the country. It has also given rise to a number of theoretical and policy questions that deserve to be treated with utmost seriousness. We need a proper understanding of what...

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Chinese and Indian: A Comparative Study of Cultural Traditions


By:Shang Huipeng

Publication Date:2017-05-18

This comparative work are divided into two parts——cultural tradition of values and cultural tradition of the societies in China and India. The first part mainly presents the religious traditions in India, the destinies of Buddhism in China and India, the design of an i...

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A SOCIOCULTURE HISTORY OF TIME:A Study on Changes on Time Systems and Concepts in Modern China


By:Zhan Xiaobai

Publication Date:2013-06-01

With “time” as the main theme, this book outlines the evolutionary process of time measurement systems and concepts from a sociocultural point of view. As the first book of this kind, it has helped to open up a new field of research. In accordance with the research questio...

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“No Smoking” for the Nation: Anti-Cigarette Campaigns in Modern China, 1910-1935


By:Liu Wennan

Publication Date:2015-03-01

This research examines the anti-cigarette campaigns in early 20th century China. These campaigns did _disibledevent="text-align: justify;"> Conclusion

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A Primer on Cultural Transformation in Modern China


By:Geng Yunzhi

Publication Date:2016-01-01

China enjoys the distinction of being one of the few countries in the world with a civilizational history going back  4000~5000 years, producing a cultural tradition and a system of values matched by few others in terms of richness and endurance. The book is a study of  cult...

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