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Collation and Research on Gaoyang Tablet Rubbing Collection of Hebei Academy of Social Sciences


By:Meiran Liu Jinzhong Feng Huajing Pan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press

ISBN: 978-7-5228-0366-1

Publication Date:2023-10-07


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About the author(s):


This book is a collation and study based on the 239 passages and 371 topographies of Gaoyang Tablet Rubbing in the collection of Hebei Academy of Social Sciences. These collections are all topographies of the Republican period, including cultural and educational inscriptions, public welfare inscriptions, tombstones, etc., covering many aspects of Goyang's politics, military, economy, culture, characters, families, etc., which are enriched in content and more primitive compared with the general literature of heirloom materials, and provide first-hand research on the history of Goyang during the Ming, Qing and Republican periods as well as on the local conditions, culture and education, and social customs of the society of northern China. Precious data.