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International Relations

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Prospects for the Asia-Pacific Regional Economic Cooperation and China’s Role


By:Li Xiangyang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2015-12-01


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Since it  announced its decision in the second half of 2009 to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, the US has also been actively promoting the partnership. The development of the China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Area, or  CJK FTAalso entered a new stageduring the same period. The scene of cooperation in East Asia has since the start of the new century been replaced by that of competition between the Asia-Pacific and the East Asian framework. The authors examines the meaning and significance of the new cooperation strategies adopted by not only major countries but also important organizations in the region in the face of these changes. Forecast for the future outlook of regional cooperation is given, as well as what it will mean for China.