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International Relations

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The Portuguese-speaking Countries and China in a Globalized World


By:Wei Dan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2014-07-01


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About the author(s):


Economic globalization is a basic feature of world development. Driven by globalization, the integration, exchanges and cooperation among different countries and regions of the world have reached unprecedented levels. Development of the relationships between China and the Portuguese speaking countries has attracted attention from the international community. The author examines this relationship in terms of its strategic significance, the breath of its scope, its ability to generate benefits for all parties involved, its inclusiveness and its exemplary effect.Wei Dan, LLM. and Ph.D. in Coimbra, Portugal, is Professor at the Macau University, Macau, China;  General-Rapporteur of the Committee on International Protection of Consumers, International Law Association, London.