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China-South Africa Industrial Cooperation: Opportunities of Industrial and Educational Development with the Belt and Road Initiative


By:Ji Min

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-06-09


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This book focuses on the practice of industrial cooperation between China and South Africa, and studies the effective models, typical paths and organizational forms (including market organization and government mobilization) in the development of China-South Africa industrial cooperation. It explores the synchronization and compatibility of the industrial cluster transfer and development process with the educational cluster transfer under the idea of "integration of production and education", discusses the mechanism and realization path of the interactive transfer of educational clusters and industrial clusters, and study occupations of technical colleges and universities in developed regions provide important support strategies, plans, paths and measures for the industrial transfer of countries under the “Belt and Road” initiative. It sorts out the practical experience of international industrial cooperation, and provides a reference for China-South Africa industrial cooperation.