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The Orientation of Realism in Indian Strategic Culture


By:Hui Zhou

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-08-16


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As one of the emerging economies, India's status in Asia and the world continues to rise, and it is expected to rank among the world's major powers. India's foreign strategic behavior has also received more and more attention, and the importance of strategic cultural research behind its strategic behavior has also become increasingly prominent. Current research on India’s foreign strategy focuses on India’s strategic decision-making and foreign policy, which lacks analysis and research on the cultural factors behind India’s strategic behavior, and pays insufficient attention to the influence of Indian traditional civilization and strategic culture on India’s strategic policy. This book takes India's strategic culture as the object of analysis, to refine the characteristics of India's strategic culture, to determine the orientation of India's strategic culture with stable characteristics, and to further explain India's foreign strategic behavior.