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International Relations

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Human Constant (Jen), the State and International Relations: A Psycho-Culturological Approach


By:Huipeng Shang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-08-16


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About the author(s):


This book integrates psycho-cultural sciences with Chinese culture’s understanding of "people" and proposes two paradigms: "person" (Jen, that is, "basic interpersonal state") and "psychological-social equilibrium", combining the two paradigms introducing the study of national actors and international relations, emphasizing the influence of the country’s civilized attributes on national behavior, revealing the relationship between the country’s attitudes and behavior patterns towards the outside world and the core "people" of the country’s civilized body. The book takes four civilized societies, that is, China, the United States, Japan, and India, as examples and analyzes the relationship between their basic interpersonal state and national behavior patterns, as well as the relationship between the basic interpersonal state and the international system model, and criticizes the mainstream international relations theory, which provides a new theoretical framework for the analysis of international relations.