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International Relations

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American Economic Unilateralism and Legal Discourse


By:Nanxiang Sun

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-03-11


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About the author(s):


At the beginning of the US President Joe Biden's administration, it is still an open question as to where US economic and trade policy will go. A full review of the US Trump administration's trade and economic policy is useful for analyzing the future of US trade and economic policy. This book is a legal work that composes, summarizes and analyses the issues of the US Trump administration's economic and trade policy. From the perspective of international law, the author argues that the US Trump administration's economic and trade policy is characterized by neglecting multilateralism, reshaping bilateralism and strengthening unilateralism, while suggesting that the WTO should be reformed as necessary and that China should take the path of deepening reform and opening up to counteract the effects of US economic and trade unilateralism.