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International Relations

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30 Years of Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe: New Pattern, New Governance and New Cooperation


By:Gao Ge

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-08-11


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About the author(s):


The central and Eastern Europe region is a geopolitical concept, and its extension changes with time. The scope of this book is the Eastern European countries and the former Yugoslavia countries during the cold war. This paper focuses on the causal relationship between the drastic changes in Eastern Europe in the 20th century and the end of the cold war, as well as a series of problems and solutions faced by central and Eastern European countries in the process of "returning to Europe". The authors of this book are all researchers of the Russian Institute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Chinese Academy of social sciences. They try to break through the Western perspective and the perspective of big countries in international political research. Starting from the in-depth analysis and deep understanding of central and Eastern Europe, they can more accurately grasp the new trend of future international political development while clarifying the contributions of central and Eastern European countries to promoting European integration and the new development of international politics, Thus, it can provide reference for promoting the cooperation between China and CEEC countries and the construction of the "the Belt and Road".