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International Relations

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Natural Resources Development within Global Commons and U.S. Policy


By:Peng Shen

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2023-04-18


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The global commons is an important arena for human resources, the environment and even military activities. Despite its significance to global prosperity and the health of the planet, this area lacks strong global institutions to manage it. The global commons are rich in resources and economically valuable, and since the 19th century, particularly after the Second World War, the world has played out its interests in various global commons resources. For example, the oil resources of the continental shelf, the mineral and oil resources of the polar regions, and the nodule resources of the international seabed area have all given rise to considerable international political games. The United States, relying on its advanced level of technology and strong economic power, is more likely than other countries to explore the global commons in depth and discover the resources therein. The issue of resource exploitation is often entwined with the issues of sovereignty, security and environmental protection. In this context, the US government needs to balance multiple national interests. As the international community designs the regime for any kind of global commons resource development issue, the US is exerting its influence to try to move the international regime in the direction the US desires. This book examines the international political situation and US policy in each of several global commons cases. The roots and characteristics of relevant US policy making are explained.