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The Language Situation and Language Policy in the "Belt and Road" Countries Volume 4 (Africa)


By:Hui Wang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2023-09-06


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About the author(s):


This series is the research result of the "Belt and Road" special research project of the State Language Commission, focusing on the language situation and language policies of the "Belt and Road" countries, and providing a reference for decision-making on language policy communication and humanistic exchanges and cooperation between China and the "Belt and Road" countries. "It focuses on the linguistic situation and language policies of the Belt and Road countries, and provides decision-making references for language policy communication, humanistic exchanges and co-operation between China and the Belt and Road countries. Four volumes of the series have been published consecutively, and the present volume focuses on the language situation and language policies of 21 African countries, covering the situation of language use, language management and language education in each country, which is of great value in promoting the in-depth implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a community of human destiny.