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Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centers: Understanding China’s Development Aid in Africa


By:Li Xiaoyun

Publication Date:2018-03-01

The book presents findings of anthropological studies conducted by researchers from Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in a number of African countries, including Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The aim of these ethnological studies is to understand...

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Reviewing and Reconsidering the History of Sino-Soviet Relations 1917-1991


By:Shen Zhihua

Publication Date:2017-06-01

Sino-Soviet relations are among the most important bilateral relations in the history of the 20th century. This book makes use of recently declassified Russian and Chinese archival documents, as well as Eastern European, American and other related fields of studies. This monogra...

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China’s Surrounding Environment Review in 5-10 Years


By:Prof. Li Xiangyang

Publication Date:2017-06-01

  Constructing a good surrounding environment is vital for China’s political and social stability and economic sustainable development, and also is a premise of China’s rising and peaceful development. The book gives an in-depth analysis of China’s eco...

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How Japan Stole the Diaoyu Islands Historical Documents and Evidential Examination



Publication Date:2017-06-01

The book explains the relationship between the Ryukyu Kingdom, China (Ming and Qing Dynasties), and Japan (Satsuma Domain and Tokugawa Shogunate) and detailed how Japan dissolved the Ryukyu Kingdom in the wake of the Meiji Restoration and reincorporated its territory under Japan...

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Making Friends First: China’s Development Aids for Health to Uganda


By:Qiu Zeqi

Publication Date:2017-04-01

  This inspiring book looks at the theory and practice of China’s foreign aid in Africa, especially in the area of healthcare in Uganda. It provides insights into how recipient countries/regions are selected, and describes in detail how the men and women working on the f...

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