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Gas Distributed Energy Industry Report (2022)


By:Institute of Energy of Peking University, Distributed Energy Professional Committee of China Urban Gas Association

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-09-28


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Under the background of "dual carbon", the trend of decentralization and integration of energy system is increasingly obvious. Distributed energy has been developing rapidly due to its low carbon, flexible, safe, intelligent, diversified, close to the demand side and other characteristics. Among them, gas distributed energy is an important manifestation of distributed energy. This book systematically summarizes the development of gas distributed energy, including policy system, business model, technical route and key equipment, and collects a large number of typical cases. On this basis, it analyzes the problems and challenges in the development of gas distributed energy against the "dual carbon" goal, looks forward to the development prospects of gas distributed energy, and puts forward suggestions on industry development, government policy formulation, etc.