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Tourism Development in China: Analysis and Forecast (2020-2021)


By:He Dexu, Yan Kun, Xia Jiechang, Zhang Guangrui, Liu Deqian, Song Rui, Jin Zhun, Li Weiren, Wu Jinmei

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-04-23


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About the author(s):


China’s Tourism Development:Analysis & Forecast (]2020-2021)(Vol.19 of Tourism Green Book) is the 19th annual report on tourism development compiled by the Tourism Research Center,Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASSTRC). Centering on the theme of “the High-quality development of tourism,” this book forecasts the new trends of China’s tourism development in 2020-2021 through three general reports and nearly 20 special reports.
In 2020,the COVID-19 outbreak significantly impacted the global macro economy and the tourism market. As the only major economy that has achieved positive growth,China has entered a new development stage in building a socialist modernization country in an all-around way. In the process of industrial transformation and reconstruction,China has bred the potential for recovery. Governments have actively introduced relief policies to deepen the supply-side structural reform of the tourism industry and enhance the resilience of the tourism market recovery. The government have provided market conditions and systematic support for the recovery of the tourism industry by strengthening the compilation and planning work,promoting in-depth integration of culture and tourism,deepening the opening of the tourism market and accelerating the transformation of smart tourism. The 2021,is the first year of the 14th five-year plan,strengthen the development of tourism resources,market cultivation and foreign cooperation are the primary conditions for the recovery of the tourism industry. During the 14th five-year plan,it is a fundamental measure to realize the high-quality development of the tourism industry by constructing a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic-international circulation mutually promoting.
In 2020,China’s tourism development is characterized by “climaxes& hot spots keep coming”. According to the carding and refining of CASSTRC,the top ten hot spots of Chinese tourism this year are as follows:1.The rescue policy promotes the recovery of the tourism market. 2.The Chinese brands optimize the tourism supply. 3.The breakthrough in planning and construction of the National Cultural Park. 4.Tourism industry take the responsibility in coping with difficulties. 5.Tax-free policy attracts consumption flow back in Hainan. 6.The science and technology assistant in preventing and controlling the acceleration of development and Change. 7.The cultural tourism coruscates charm. 8.Digital empowers the transformation of tourism. 9.The live e-commerce involved in tourism sales. 10.The endless stream of new events triggered a marketing boom.
To fully reveal the changes and future expectations of tourism in different social groups in China,CASSTRC together with the Tencent Research Institute of Tourism Industry and the Tencent CDC (user research and experience design center),conduct a national survey through the internet. The Survey of Chinese National Tourism Status:2020-2021 systematically reveals the tourism status of Chinese nationals from different gender,different generations,different incomes,different education levels,different occupations and different regions in terms of tourism time,activities,consumption and motivation. The survey found that the national tourism radius of china expanded and gradually moved from peripheral tourism to provincial tourism,and natural tourism became the most popular after the epidemic;tourists’ travel willingness is stronger than the scope of tourism opening,due to the obstruction of outbound tourism,part of outbound tourism has been transformed into domestic tourism,high-end travel,niche travel and customized travel become the important excavation point;generation Z,represented by the post-2000 generation,have distinct consumption characteristics and pay more attention to the entertainment and shopping conditions in tourist destinations.
Focusing on the annual theme of “High-Quality Tourism Development”,we invited experts from different fields to conduct a comprehensive analysis from the perspectives of industry,resources and region. It includes three aspects:First,under the new development background,pattern and situation,how to achieve high-quality development in core industries and key areas such as scenic spots,travel agencies,cruise liners,hotels and online reservation. Second,how to deal with the relationship between resource management and tourism development among national parks,national cultural parks and world geoparks. Thirdly,at the regional level,how to better play the role of tourism in ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin,how to promote balanced regional development by tourism and how to achieve high-quality development of high-speed rail tourism,etc. As the traditional advantageous section of Tourism Green Book,several reports are provided for readers who are interested in relevant markets development,including domestic tourism,inbound tourism,outbound tourism,Hongkong,Macau and Taiwan tourism and so on. Detailed data and systemic analysis can be found in these reports.