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Annual Report on the Development of China's Higher Education (2020-2021)


By:Liu Xiaoping, Zheng Chunsheng

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-04-06


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About the author(s):


The Annual Report on the Development of China’s Higher Education (2020-2021) is the second “Blue Book of Higher Education” that elaborates on the development of higher education in China. The report was compiled by the Higher Education Research Center of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,and scholars from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,Lanzhou University,South China University of Technology,South China Normal University,Wuhan University of Technology,Shunde Polytechnic,and Lanzhou University of Arts and Science contributed to the report.

In 2019,adhering to the concept of connotative development,the scale of China’s higher education has developed steadily with the coming of the popularization of higher education;the quality of higher education particularly undergraduate education has continued to improve and innovate;higher vocational education has ushered in major reforms and development,and the cluster effect of regional higher education has taken its shape. However,China’s higher education also faces some problems and challenges. The reform of undergraduate education and teaching needs to be deepened;the problem of transformation and homogeneous development of application-oriented higher education institutions still exists;there is still much to be improved regarding the quality of higher vocational education,and the value of private higher education needs to be perfected. The year 2020 witnessed the mid-term appraisal of the first-phase construction of the “double world-class” universities,and the targets of the construction have almost been reached. The year 2020 was also the final year of the 13th Five-Year Plan,during which China has built the world’s largest higher education system,leading to the new stage of the opening-up in higher education. In the future,centering on building a strong power in higher education,China’s higher education will be committed to forming a high-quality system,promoting high-quality development of higher education,and changing the orientation of talents and scientific research evaluation. Therefore,China should further deepen the reform of higher education,highlight the leading role of the “double world-class” universities,clarify the development positioning of application-oriented universities,enhance the quality of higher vocational education,and provide strong support for the high-quality development of China’s social and economic development.

The Annual Report on the Development of China’s Higher Education (2020-2021) consists of a general report,five sub-reports,three regional reports,and four special reports. Sub-reports cover areas such as the construction of the “double world-class” universities and the development of first-class undergraduate education in China,the transformation and development of local universities,the development of higher vocational education,the development of private higher education,and the faculty development in Chinese universities;regional reports involve the higher education development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,Yangtze River Delta,and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area;special reports include the higher education cooperation between China and countries along the Maritime Silk Road,the development of China’s academic and professional postgraduate education,and the matching between China’s higher education and the job market.