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Analysis and Forecast of China's Digital Economic Situation (2021)


By:Cai Fang, Li Haijian, Cai Yuezhou, Peng Zhan, Wan Xiangyu, Ma Yefeng

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-05-07


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Ⅰ General Report

Based on the concept analysis of digital economy, this paper focuses on the fundamental supporting role of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)in the digital economy, starts from ICT’s techno-economic characteristics of pervasiveness, substitution, and synergy, defines the digital economy as two integral parts as “digital industrialization” and “industrial digitalization”, and constructs a framework for calculating the added value of the digital economy based on growth accounting. 

Ⅱ Analytical Methods of Digital Economy

This chapter proposes the theoretical framework of the digital economy from the perspective of the innovative logic of the digital economy, refines the frontier topics and key scientific issues of the digital economy, and discusses the reform of the education and teaching mode of the digital economy major.