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Annual Report on Homestay in China (2020-2021)


By:Guo Jurong

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-05-07


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General Report
Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the global tourism industry suffered a blow in early 2020, and the whole B&B industry was also affected. After the actively fight against the epidemic in China, the market has gradually rebounded, and the domestic B&B industry has been effectively recovered and reshuffled into a stable, orderly and standardized development stage in advance. At the same time, the country’s B&B industry has developed favorably under the background of the rural revitalization policy and has become an important part of the tourism development framework. B&B network operation metheds are actively and vigorously developed under the epidemic, becoming a necessary marketing trend. The cultivation of B&B talents has become an area that needs urgent attention under the development of B&B industry and has received attention from all parties. B&B industry becomes one of the happiness industries for people to get a good life.