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Annual Report on China's Digital Finance Innovation and Development (2021)


By:Ouyang Rihui, Liu Yi, Bai Liang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-05-21


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Blue Book of Digital Finance takes a research objective of “promoting the digital transformation of finance,improving the level of serving the real economy,and preventing and defusing financial risks”,which is based on the theme of digital finance innovation and development. It discusses digital finance development and governance from four dimensions:theoretical innovation,technological innovation,model innovation and governance innovation,which analyzes the development trend of foreign digital finance and emphasizes and focus on the theoretical,empirical and practical property.

Blue Book of Digital Finance:Annual Report on China’s Digital Finance Innovation and Development(2021)spans from 2019 to 2020 and includes six parts. General Report analyzes the overall situation of digital finance innovation and development,key features,existing problems and development trends in 2019-2020,which also highlights technological innovation,model innovation and governance innovation,which puts forward policy suggestions as well. Theory Reports summarizes the overall situation of digital finance research,the status of FinTech benefiting individuals and enterprises research and RegTech research. Technology Reports combs the development situations,existing problems and development proposals of data fusion and data security application,intelligent inclusive finance,blockchain and the capability of defensing FinTech risk in the field of digital finance in 2019-2020. Model Reports analyzes the situation of contactless financial service mode,digital currency,fintech investment and banking financial technology.Regulation Reports studies the status of the implementation of FinTech Development Plan(2019-2021),regulatory system development of digital finance,P2P special governance and China’s regulatory sandbox development. Reference Reports analyzes the development and policy trends of global FinTech,the model innovation and case analysis of digital finance in USA,the experience and enlightenment of regulatory sandbox in Netherlands and the regulatory system and governance policy of foreign digital finance. Appendix summarizes and sorts out the 2019-2020 Digital Finance Innovation and Development Events.