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Annual Report on Cultural Industry of Hebei (2021)


By:Kang Zhenhai, Chen Lu, Wang Chunrui, Zhang Wenge, Zhao Jinhe, Zhang Yuanyuan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-04-26


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


This book is divided into four sections. The general report objectively describes the development status and characteristics of the total amount,structural distribution,number of enterprises,spatial layout and industrial agglomeration of Hebei Province’s cultural industry in 2020,focusing on the analysis of the cultural development facing the impact of the 2020 epidemic. The major opportunities and severe challenges of the cultural industry,in-depth analysis of the current constraints on the high-quality development of the cultural industry,from stimulating the vitality of cultural market players,increasing the size of the consumer market,building cultural industry clusters,expanding the cultural digital industry,and the development of the entire cultural industry chain It also puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for improving the policy system;the macro perspective mainly puts forward ideas and suggestions for the high-quality development of the cultural industry in the future from the perspectives of the high-quality development of market entities,the development of cultural industries,and the development of rural cultural tourism resources;business focus chapter Mainly focus on the digital cultural industry,sports industry,animation industry,new media industry,new cinema industry,cultural creativity and cultural health care industry after the epidemic,analyze the current problems and shortcomings,and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions;case planning The article mainly analyzes the national tourism demonstration zone “Shexian County Sample”,Zhengding nostalgia culture,Hebei Grand Canal Cultural Park,traditional village ecological culture and Tai hang “Red River Valley” tourism economic belt “1+X” project construction experience and planning ideas. Put forward targeted development suggestions,in order to provide useful theoretical reference and intellectual support for the high-quality development of Hebei’s cultural industry.