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Annual Report on Media Development of Hebei (2021)


By:Kang Zhenhai, Meng Qingkai, Zhang Yun

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-06-11


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


The changes of information technology and communication ecology are profoundly changing the media industry and pattern,and rebuilding the interactive relationship between the media industry and all sectors of the society. Annual Report on Media Development of Hebei(2021) comprehensively records the innovative practices of Hebei media industry in the face of the new situation,new tasks and new challenges since 2020,focuses on the hot and difficult issues in the process of promoting media integration and constructing an omnimedia communication system,objectively summarizes the achievements and experiences,deeply analyzes the obstacles faced and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions,in order to provide theoretical reference and a think-tank services for promoting the high-quality development of Hebei media industry.

The book consists of four parts:general report,topical reports,special reports and practice reports. The general report systematically sorts out a series of achievements and highlights in serving the economic and social development and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the media industry in Hebei Province in 2020. It analyzes the difficulties faced by the media industry in Hebei Province,such as ideological shackles,weak talent support system,extensive media layout,and imperfect modern industrial chain. It looks forward to the development opportunities such as structural layout adjustment,smart media construction,deep participation in social governance,and prosperous development of cultural industry under the dual support of technology and policy dividends. The general report puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the media industry in Hebei Province,such as maintaining the content concentration,strengthening the Internet transformation of high-quality resources,expanding the service function,and building the modern media industry chain of all factors. The topical reports reports deeply analyze the current situation and characteristics of key media industries in Hebei Province in 2020,such as newspaper industry,radio and television industry,new media industry,books and periodicals industry,film and television industry,advertising industry and so on. They also predict the future development trend and puts forward specific suggestions. The special reports deeply focus on the major realistic problems of the media industry in Hebei Province,such as media integration innovation,development,county-level converged-media center,government new media,mobile video transmission of mainstream media,major theme reports,entire media personnel talent,the rural public practice of the “agriculture,rural areas and farmers” video self-media,the reports on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games,and put forward countermeasures and Suggestions according to the reality. In the practice part,empirical researches are carried out on the latest practice of the media industry,such as the use of new media and media literacy of teenagers in Hebei Province,network political inquiry,mainstream media live broadcasting and bringing goods to help epidemic prevention and control.