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Report on Development of China's Media Industry (2021)


By:Cui Baoguo, Xu Lijun, Ding Mai, Hang Min, Xu Jia

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-08-09


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Report on Development of China’s Media Industry is an annual work started in 2004. It is a collaborative innovation project led by the Center of Media Economy and Management Research,Tsinghua University,co-edited by CTR,CSM,and many domestic and foreign experts and scholars. The report has been authenticated as a source periodical of the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) since 2012 and has become an authoritative reference book on the study of China’s media industry and understanding of the global media industries.

Report on Development of China’s Media Industry(2021) not only systematically sorts out the development status of various fields of Chinese media in 2020,but also analyzes the development trends of domestic and foreign media industries in the past 20 years. The whole book is divided into six major sections:General Report,Media Industry Insight,Media Industry and Market Reports,Media Convergence & Innovation Reports,Global Media Market Reports,and Key Media Market Data. The content covers film,television,newspapers,books,broadcasting,advertising,online games,and online video and other industry development reports,combined with the development of the media industry in various regions of the world to conduct a comprehensive comparative study. Readers can learn about the global media industry through this book.

In 2020,affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and economic downward pressure,the output growth rate of China’s media industry has fallen,traditional media revenue has severely declined,and the development of Internet-related businesses such as mobile video and other Internet-related businesses has been extremely hot. In the post-epidemic era,the widespread application of digital technology and the profound changes in consumer behavior will give us a new outline of the media ecology. The video as a new form of information dissemination will stimulate a new round of innovation and transformation in the media industry.

This book examines the media industry from a global perspective and supports the analysis of the media industry with solid data,and describes the media industry from the aspect of revenue scale and industrial structure. The analysis of the ecological changes and development trends of the media industry has reference meanings to government authorities,the industry,academia,and media management institutions. It has an important impact on the design and planning of the national information dissemination system,media policy formulation,and media organization development. It is also an empirical basic research book for college teachers and researchers who are engaged in journalism research,especially media economics and management research.