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Report on Agricultural Reform and Opening Up in Gansu (2021)


By:Wei Shengwen, Qiao Dehua, Zhang Dongwei

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-04-21


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Ever since the execution of the policy of reform and opening up in 1978,which marked the beginning of Chinese national rejuvenation,China has changed dramatically from liberation to self-sufficient. Chinese people have come to embrace the tremendous transformation from lacking of basic living necessities to decent lives. Dramatic changes have taken place in China in regard to agricultural production,rural environment and rural residents’ lives,and gratifying achievements have been made in the development of agriculture,rural areas,and rural people in more than 40 years’ reform and opening up.

Gansu agriculture has also gone through 40 years of magnificent process of reform and development. Agricultural and rural reform has greatly stimulated the vitality in rural Gansu. Agriculture here has stepped out of the relatively closed state dominated by self-sufficiency and the degree of opening up has been greatly improved. The achievements of agricultural reform have been gradually extended to social,cultural,political,and economic fields. Meanwhile,the pattern of agricultural opening up in Gansu has been progressively formed,the allocation of agricultural production factors in Gansu has broken through the geographical restrictions and featured agricultural products have gradually marketed domestically and internationally. The market influence has also grown significantly,showing a good development momentum.

This book reviews the progress of agricultural and rural reform and opening up and comprehensively analyzes current status of agricultural reform and opening up in Gansu. This book,containing a total number of 18 research reports,is divided into four parts,namely,generally report,and 3 featured topics.

From the point view of open development,the general report objectively analyzes the achievements and issues in agricultural reform and opening up in Gansu,forecasts the prospects of deepening reform in all aspects of agriculture and rural area and continue expanding agricultural opening up,and also presents strategies and advices for promoting the high-quality development in Gansu agriculture.

In the topics of reform,supply-side structural reform in Gansu agriculture,small-scale rural households and agricultural modernization in the context of rural vitalization strategy,integrated urban-rural development in Gansu,grain industry and grain security,and the development of agricultural insurance in Gansu are selected as the main research contents. Based on the strategic goal of rural vitalization in the new era,the development strategies of deepening reform in issues relating to agriculture,rural areas,and rural people of Gansu are discussed.

In the topics of opening up,export-oriented development of Gansu agriculture-related enterprises in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative,the construction of southerly transport corridor and agricultural development in Gansu,international cooperation and exchange in Gansu agricultural science and technologies,agricultural exhibition in Gansu,export situation analysis of Gansu agricultural products are selected as the main research contents. The current situation,development trends,constrains and development direction of agricultural opening up are analyzed. In addition,the status of agricultural industry competitiveness at the municipal and prefectural levels are investigated and analyzed,the agricultural industry competitiveness evaluation report at the municipal and prefectural levels are constructed.

The topics of featured agriculture cover the range of modernized agriculture in the cold and arid regions of Gansu,featured agriculture development in ethnic regions,recreational agriculture,grass-based livestock industry,herbal medicine industry,and the development of rural e-commerce. Key issues and principal influence factors affecting the high-quality development of Gansu featured agriculture are analyzed and strategies are presented.

The purpose of this book is to provide a full account of the facts,and in-depth analysis,a credible conclusion and a concrete authoritative study to make it an overall picture of agricultural reform and opening up in Gansu Province. The intended use of this book is to facilitate government agencies in their decision-making process. Meanwhile,it is also an important reference for scientific researchers and scholars at different levels to understand agricultural reform and opening up in Gansu Province.