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Report on High-Quality Development of Beijing (2021)


By:Fang Li, Jia Pinrong, Hu Zengzeng

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-04-09


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About the author(s):


The Fifth Plenum of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly puts forward the theme of promoting high-quality development. High quality development covers economic growth,environmental protection,resource utilization,social undertakings and other aspects,which is a complex systematic engineering through the whole process of social reproduction in production circulation,distribution and sales. It is necessary to implement systematic research and formulate reasonable and feasible development goals in combination with characteristics of resource endowment both in our country and the capital. In order to better implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and Beijing Municipality,Beijing Academy of science and technology,together with Tsinghua University and Beijing University of technology,has been involved in systematic research on high-quality innovation driven development of the capital in which a seminar on high-quality development of the capital is held and the report on Beijing high-quality development index is released. The report puts forward three dimensions to measure regional high-quality development,namely high-quality economic development,high-quality social development and high-quality environmental development,which constructs 68 index systems to measure regional high-quality development,evaluates and analyzes Beijing’s high-quality development while it makes a comparative study with Shanghai and other cities with high-quality development level. Obviously the optimization of industrial structure is an important theme in high-quality development,and new economic development is an important power engine of industrial structure optimization in Beijing. 2021 annual report focuses on high-quality development of new economy,puts forward five development essence and six connotations in new economy while it constructs the evaluation index system of Beijing’s new economy from six dimensions,in which it is informed that Beijing’s new economic development has six characteristics. Finally development strategies are listed to offer advices for high-quality development of Beijing’s new economy.

The report consists of five parts,namely general report,divisional report,special report,case report and appendix,with a total of 12chapters. The general report analyzes the current situation and achievement of Beijing’s high-quality development in 2020,evaluates Beijing’s high-quality development by constructing mathematical model and relevant index and puts forward ten strategic trends of high-quality development in the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Based on data analysis the divisional report constructs high-quality index system of economy,society and environment while estimating their high-quality development level from 2005 to 2018,makes a comparative analysis with provinces and cities of better scores in each dimension. The special report focuses on development of Beijing’s new economy,analyzes development status of global new economy,compiles Beijing’s new economic index,studies promoting high-quality development mechanism of the new economy,constructs the input-output model of new economy and high quality,The case report makes a case study on new economic enterprises promoting Beijing’s high-quality development with representative enterprises of Baidu and JD in Beijing area. The appendix contains policy documents,index interpretation and data sources of Beijing’s high-quality development.

The main achievements of the report are as follows. First the evaluation index system of Beijing’s high-quality development is constructed from three dimensions of economy,society and environment. According to the reports of international authoritative institutions economic dimension,social dimension and environmental dimension are three pillars of sustainable development;in light of demands of new development concept high-quality development is compared with high-speed growth and focuses on economic development,social equity and ecological environment from one dimension of economic growth;as for positioning of Beijing high-quality economic development,high-quality social development and high quality environmental development are three essence of Beijing’s high quality development. As science and technology innovation center,Beijing has gathered rich talents together with science and technology resources environment,which serves innovation as the first engine to guide and drive economic structure upgrading and economic growth efficiency improving so as to achieve high-quality economic development. As the first city in China to substantially reduce its development,Beijing should stimulate its reform mechanism to achieve more output ratio through appropriate reduction based on its existing population,land and environment. Since Beijing is the model city in China people’s well-beings will be firstly solved to promote overall planning of urban and rural areas and advance high-quality development in social field according to Seven-Haves by President Xi Jinping and Five-Qualities by Mr. Cai Qi(Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC).