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Annual Report on CBD Industrial Development (2021): Promoting CBD Transformation and Development by Consumption Upgrading


By:Jie Zhang, Sangeng Jiang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-12-13


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Annual Report on CBD Industrial Development(2021):Promoting CBD Transformation and Development by Consumption Upgrading is the research achievement of a key project,Blue Book of CBD Industry(2021),of Beijing Municipality Philosophy and Social Science Research Base on CBD Development. It is also the research achievement sponsored by Beijing Municipality Philosophy and Social Science Research Base on CBD Development and Academy(High-end Think Tank) of Metropolis Economic and Social Development,Capital University of Economics and Business.

This report makes measurements and calculations of the indexes of CBD comprehensive development,regional radiation and business environment of 13 typical urban areas of CBD location. It has evaluated the situation of building economy in these areas and described the dynamic development of CBD in the first-tier cities of China from 2020 to first the half of this year. Focusing on the subject of “Promoting Transformation and Development by Consumption Upgrading”,the report makes special academic analysis,specifically on the actual development of CBD in Tianjin,Chongqing and Changsha. It gives Think Tank support to CBD industrial transformation and its scientific development in China.

This report is divided into four parts,including General Report,Evaluation Index Reports,Special Topics and Regional Reports.

In General Report,the author pointed out,that just under the new development pattern of dual circulation,China’s economy is experiencing a profound gradual transformation,during which consumption economy is becoming an original driving force of economic growth step by step. In this regard,CBD is playing a central role and its pulling function is being highlighted. Based on the subject of “Promoting Transformation and Development by Consumption Upgrading”,the report makes a series of analysis which involves CBD transformation development index,the path to promote transformation development by upgrading CBD consumption in 2021and the actual practices in Beijing,Shanghai and other districts. By making quota measurement,path analysis and learning lessons from practice,the report has completed an inclusive presentation on the characteristics and path of consumption upgrading and CBD transformation development in China.

In the part of Evaluation Index Reports,it is indicated that from 2017 to 2019 CBD has undergone a steady development in different cities of China. Presently,economic growth and technology innovation has become an influential factor in CBD development. Nowadays,the CBD of Pudong New District in Shanghai,Chaoyang District in Beijing,Futian District in Shenzhen,Tianhe District in Guangzhou,Binhai New District in Tianjin,and those in other regions take the lead in the development.

The score of regional radiation is increased year by year in Chaoyang District in Beijing,Jinjiang District in Chengdu,Yuzhong District in Chongqing and Jianye District in Nanjing. In 2019 the following areas have achieved good indicators of GDP growth. In order,the first four score makers of business environment are Pudong New District in Shanghai,Chaoyang District in Beijing,Tianhe District in Guangzhou and Futian District in Shenzhen.

Continuing the previous academic support and theoretical thinking,the part of Special Topics makes a detailed analysis on CBD industrial collaborative consumption,Mega Data consumption and upscale consumption. Thanks to the analysis achievements,the author has completed three special reports. Respectively,the reports aim at the topics that involves the industrial collaboration of Beijing CBD and Tongzhou Canal,CBD’s scale enlargement,consumption structure,accurate consumption and the consumption model in the background of new economy. As to the effect of consumption mechanism,it can be classified into four types:accumulation effect,upgrading effect,demonstration effect and convenience effect.

In the part of Regional Reports,the author introduces the spacial arrangement of Hexi CBD in Tianjin by constructing “one center and three regions”,the multiple strategic positioning of Jiangbeizui CBD in Chongqing,the small space and great benefits of Furong CBD in Changsha. Other types of high-quality development includes optimizing present stock of property and introducing increased stream of wealth,talents and industry with more favorite policies and upgraded business types.

As a major blue book researching CBD industrial development in China,this report has analyzed and classified the developments in Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou,etc. The research will help us observe theroad-map and path of CBD consumption development and CBD industrial transformation. By putting characteristics and experience of CBD development in different parts of China into consideration,governments at all levels will be able to promote the high-quality development of urban economy of China.