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Annual Report on the Development of China's Investment (2022)


By:Research Institute of China Jianyin Investment Ltd.

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-03-31


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About the author(s):


Annual Report on the Development of China’s Investment(2022) is one of the reports of “Blue Book of Investment” series,and also the annual research results of “JIC Investment Research Books·Report” launched by JIC Institute of Investment Research. The purpose of the report is to make an inventory and review of China’s investment industry and market in the previous year,and to forecast and prospect China’s investment development in this year.

In 2021,the world economy recovered from fluctuations,and major economies gradually returned to equilibrium,but the global economy was significantly divided. China’s economy continues to maintain a good recovery trend,showing a trend of high growth before and low growth after,and the downward pressure is further increased. Affected by the overall loose liquidity,global asset prices rose sharply,and stock indexes,bulk commodities and real estate prices rose significantly. In comparison,European and American stock markets generally rose,and the overall performance of the Asia Pacific market was weak. In 2021,the annual harvest line of a shares has been positive for three consecutive years,but the overall increase is small and the structural differentiation is obvious.

In 2022,affected by epidemic prevention and control,tightening monetary policy,supply chain crisis and higher inflation,the global economy still faces more uncertainty. Under the triple pressure of shrinking demand,supply shock and weakening expectation,“stable growth” will become the main tone of China’s macroeconomic policy,and the supply side structural reform will continue to be promoted and deepened. In terms of investment,real estate investment may usher in a historic turning point;the full implementation of the stock issuance registration system will lay a solid foundation for a shares,and the capital market will maintain steady development;the twists and turns of global economic recovery may lead to the adjustment and reshaping of energy commodity prices;in the process of promoting the “double carbon” goal,green finance and ESG investment will usher in a historic development opportunity.