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Annual Report on Development of Rule of Law in Guizhou (2022)


By:Dahua Wu

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-05-07


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Based on the relevant material collected from such departments as People’s Standing Congress Committee of Legal Affairs of Guizhou Province,Guizhou High People’s Court,People’s Procuratorate of Guizhou Province,Justice Department of Guizhou Province and Department of Public Security of Guizhou,this book is focused on the major initiatives of the development of the rule of law and the law-based governance in Guizhou Province. Having analyzed the important,difficult and hot issues with a full reflection of the progress in promoting the rule of law in 2021 and with the prediction on the future development of the rule of law in Guizhou,this book proposes some suggestions.

On January 18,2022,the State Council issued “The Opinions on Supporting Guizhou to Forge a New Road in the Western Development in the New Era” to support Guizhou’s exploration in the Western Development in the new era. It is believed that,to further improve the rule of law in 2022,Guizhou should seize the opportunity,take the initiative in action,be more active and innovative,strive to promote the construction of a country under the rule of law,a government under the rule of law,and a society under the rule of law and provide the legal service and environment for the high-quality development in Guizhou. Several suggestions are mentioned in this book. The first one is to promote the leading and breaking function of reform,be active to try out new policies and mechanisms,so as to resolve the systematic issues and to promote the construction of a government under the rule of law. The second one is to create a friendly and encouraging environment for doing business,where the role of the market and the rule of law is fully performed,so as to assist the construction of the demonstration zone for comprehensive reform in the Western Development. The third suggestion is to ensure the effective link between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in the construction of the demonstration zone for poverty alleviation. The forth one is to strengthen the legal guarantee in the construction of the innovation zone for digital economy development. The fifth suggestion is to improve the legal protection mechanism for ecological civilization,and strive to create a pioneer area for ecological civilization construction. The sixth suggestion is to implement the strategy of opening up to create a new highland for an open economy in the inland. The seventh suggestion is to accelerate the construction of modern industrial system and promote the great development of tourish industry. And finally,it is also important to make every effort to promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision,so as to create the honesty and integrity sociocultural atmosphere.