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Report on Development of Chinese Automobile and Insurance Big Data (2023)


By:Feng Yi Shi Yifei

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2024-01-31


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


In 2022, with the release of “Notice on Building a Data Basic System to Better Play the Role of Data Elements” policy to provide guidance for promoting data circulation, activating the potential of data elements, and making the best use of data to boost economic development.Big data supporting cross-industry ecological construction and empowering the integration & innovation of various industries is becoming the future development direction.Based on the development trend of the big data industry, this report focuses on the automobile and insurance industry chain.On the one hand, it analyzes the current situation of big data, automobile big data, and insurance big data in China; The ecological construction is prospected.

Keywords: Big Data of Vehicles; Big Data of Insurance; Innovation