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Annual Report on the Development of Global Digital Economy Competitiveness (2023)


By:Wang Zhen Hui Zhibin

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2024-01-16


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


The digital economy has become the strategic commanding heights of global competition. The digital economic competition between China and the United States has entered a fierce stage. All countries are accelerating the pace of digital economic development, and relevant strategic plans, laws and regulations, cooperation treaties, and industrial alliances have emerged in large numbers. This report constructs a digital economy national competitiveness index from four aspects: digital facilities competitiveness, digital industry competitiveness, digital innovation competitiveness and digital governance competitiveness, and evaluates the digital economic competitiveness of 50 countries around the world. The research found that: ① China and the United States are the two most competitive countries in the global digital economy and are the main stirrups of the global digital economy competition landscape. Most of the current bills and industry alliances emerging in the global digital economy-related fields are centered on Sino-US competition; ② The digital economy competitiveness of the United States is significantly stronger than that of China, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and other European countries, and the pattern of one superpower and multiple powers is relatively stable; ③ The competitiveness structure of the digital economy in most countries is not balanced. The United States, China, South Korea and The digital market competitiveness of Japan and other countries is significantly stronger than the digital environment competitiveness. The digital environment competitiveness of European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Finland is stronger than the digital market competitiveness; ④ Faced with the breakthrough development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, countries should accelerate the construction and improvement of digital governance systems, and enhance their ability to respond to risks such as technological ethics.

Keywords: Digital Economy; Competitiveness; Digital Industry; Digital Innovation; Digital Governance