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30 Years of China’s Reform and Open-up

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China's Education Development and Policy , 1978-2008


By:ZHANG Xiulan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2008-12-01


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This book regards the education fairness as a stress, and carries on the systemic review and analysis to the development and policy in eight domains since reform and opening for 30 years from the angle of policy analysis, including the pre-school education, the secondary and elementary school education, the special education, the education for floating children, the higher education, the vocational education, the education for nationalities and the non-government education, and has set the objective which everybody enjoys the basic education services based on this. By this, in the education decision-making, on the one hand, in view of the problem which the educational policy loses contact with the national strategy, this book stresses that the government interdepartmental crosswise negotiations mechanism should be established; On the other hand, the education decision model needs to realize the transformation from the experience-based model to the modern scientific democratic one.