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30 Years of China’s Reform and Open-up

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China's Political Reform Towards and Governance ,1978-2008


By:YU Keping

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2008-12-01


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This book has analyzed and inspected China’s track of governance reform since reform and opening systematically, especially the change and development in the democratic election, the political participation, the administration, the public decision-making, the governing according to law, the government responsibility, the collective services, the political transparence and the authority supervision etc. Authors of each chapter are the domestic well-known expert and scholar in the politics world, and they not only have comprehensively inspected the China’s course of governance vicissitude for 30 years, have analyzed the reasons of governance reform thoroughly, have summarized the experiences and lessons of governance reform, moreover face directly China’s main issues in the democracy governance, and have proposed related policy suggestions to resolve these issues.