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30 Years of China’s Reform and Open-up

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Transformation of Foreign Affairs and International Relations in China , 1978-2008


By:WANG Yizhou

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2008-12-01


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This book has systematically straightened up China’s changes of foreign relations since reform and opening for 30 years. More than ten experts have made comprehensive introduction and thorough analysis to “China’s changes of diplomacy” from the different relations between China and peripheral regions, the developing countries, the developed countries and the international organizations to China’s modernization of national defense and the dealing with of unconventional security problem, and to the China’s foreign aid and the internationalization advancement of various regions, and even to the establishing advancement of globalization idea in China as well as the theoretical research of international relations etc. It is the first academic work which China educational circles summarize the historic progress of diplomacy in Contemporary China, and many viewpoints and methodologies are proposed for the first time, which is reflected first-class Chinese experts' original angle of view.