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Social Changes in China, 1978-2008


By:LI Qiang

Publication Date:2008-11-01

This book has made the analysis to the course of social changes in China since reform and opening for 30 years, has discussed the changes in the social structure, in the social policy, in the social system and in the urban and rural regions etc. from the overall sociological angle of view,...

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Transformation of Foreign Affairs and International Relations in China , 1978-2008


By:WANG Yizhou

Publication Date:2008-12-01

This book has systematically straightened up China’s changes of foreign relations since reform and opening for 30 years. More than ten experts have made comprehensive introduction and thorough analysis to “China’s changes of diplomacy” from the differ...

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China's Journey Toward the Rule of Law : Legal Reform , 1978-2008


By:CAI Dingjian

Publication Date:2008-12-01

China’s history vicissitude towards the rule of law for 30 years is great change, and is numerous and complicated; the dialectical treatment determination of the idea from the rule of men to the rule of law, the effective constitution system, and the practice of criminal and jud...

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