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Cooperation between China and Transition Countries under the Framework of “the Belt and Road”


By:Qu Wenyi

Publication Date:2018-05-30

This book is compiled by Research Center for the Economies and Politics of Transition Countries of Liaoning University. As the key research base of humanities and social science and a domestic research platform approved and supported by Ministry of Education of the People’s...

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Comparative Studies of the Chinese and the US Silk Road Strategy


By:Written by Zhao Jianglin

Publication Date:2015-05-01

Any majorpower’s regional strategy constitutes two key parts: a definition of its target or direction and prescriptions for how to achieve them. The book begins with an account of what motivated both China and the US to launch their respective Silk Road Initiative, and how the...

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The Silk Road Economic Belt: Country Profiles


By:Edited by Li Yongquan

Publication Date:2015-03-01

The book gives a concise introduction of 35 countries along theSilk Road Economic Belt that connects Asia, Europe and Africa. The profiles cover each country’s political system, economic and social conditions, geography, population, history and culture. The volume is a mu...

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The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Country Profiles


By:Edited by Wang Linggui

Publication Date:2015-06-01

As the first book to provide acomprehensive, systematic and in-depth look atthe countries along the Maritime Silk Road, this book will bea valuable source of reference for researchers and policy-makers trying to understand and implement the “Belt and Road” initiati...

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The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Conceptualization, Implemantation and Policies


By:Edited by Zhao Jianglin

Publication Date:2015-05-01

The book, compiled by researchers at Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is one of the Academy’s major innovative projects. The concept of a “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” refers to the proposed modern-time version of the...

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“One Belt One Road” Initiative and Asian Reintegration


By:Written by Wang Yuzhu

Publication Date:2015-05-01

The book offers critical insights into the development of and problems in Asian regional cooperation. To find an Asian way of promoting cooperation in the region, Asian countries should, the author suggests, focus on establishing mutual respect, building consensus, and mutual ac...

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