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The China Legal Development Yearbook, Volume 2


By:LI Lin



Publication Date:2010-01-21


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


 The China Legal Development Yearbook, Volume 2 is the English version of Rule of Law Yearbook: China Legal Development Report No.5 (2007), edited by the Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Professor Li Lin, constitutional law scholar and director of the CASS Institute of Law served as chief editor.


This volume includes a general report, special reports, field work, “rule of law” in provinces and other issues. The annual general report, written by a research team at the CASS Institute of Law, describes “rule of law” in 2006–07 as China worked towards becoming a harmonious society. There are eight special reports. The first, Report on the Development of the National People’s Congress in 2006, was written by Li Xia from the Institute of Law, CASS. The second, Predictions on the Development and Direction of Legislation, was written by Wang Shucheng from the constitutional and administrative law research center at Renmin University of China. The third, Combining Punishment with Leniency, Implementing Temporary Measures and Radical Measures: An Exploration of the Criminal “Rule of Law,” was written by Liu Renwen and Zhou Zhenjie from the Institute of Law, CASS. The fourth, Analysis of the Response to Administrative Review and Administrative Lawsuits, is written by Fang Jun from the Department of Administrative Redress at the State Council Legislative Affairs Office. The sixth, The Development of Administrative Action and State Compensation, was written by Cheng Hu from the Beijing Higher People’s Court. The seventh article, Judicial Reform and Development in 2006, was written by Peng Haiqing from the Institute of Law, CASS. And the eighth individual report, Protection of Human Rights and the Establishment of “Rule of Law” in China was written by Liu Huawen from the Institute of Law, CASS.


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