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Chinese Literature and Culture in the Age of Global Capitalism: Renaissance or Rehabilitation?


By:Wang Xiaoping

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press

ISBN:ISBN 978-90-04-46119-2

Publication Date:2021-8-4 16:15:51


1866 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Combining anatomies of textual examples with broader contextual considerations related with the social, political and economic developments of post-Mao China, Xiaoping Wang intends to explore newly emerging social and cultural trends in contemporary China, and find the truth content of Chinese society and culture in the age of global capitalism. 

Through in-depth textual analyses covering a variety of media, ranging from fiction, poetry, film to theoretical works as well as cultural phenomena which mirror social and cultural occurrences and reflect the present ideological proclivities of the Chinese society, this study offers timely interpretations of China in the age of globalization, its political inclinations, social fashions and cultural tendencies, and provides thought-provoking messages of China’s socio-economic and political reality.