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Rural China, 1901–1949 Modernization and Resilience


By:Wang Xianming

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-9-1 15:36:25


1879 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Highlighting the interwoven relationship between Chinese rural society and larger historical forces, this book charts the evolution of China’s rural society from 1901 to 1949, concentrating on the major changes of this period and the scenarios developed to modernize rural society during the half century leading up to the Revolution.

The modern history of rural China is one of sweeping institutional and structural transformation across many dimensions. As the first half of the twentieth century unfolded, against a backdrop of turbulent changes across a country that underwent industrialization, urbanization and modernization, China’s agriculture, rural population and rural communities encountered many crises, but also showed remarkable resilience and capacity for adaptation and reform. In each of the six chapters, the author delves into one aspect or examines one period of this massive transformation, and identifies the social, economic, political and cultural signifi cance of these tumultuous processes at work.

The book will appeal to both scholars and general readers interested in modern Chinese history and the transformation of rural China.