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Report on Rule of Law in Qianhai No.4 (2021)


By:He Tian, Yanbin Lv

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-12-21


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


With the mission of building itself into a law-based demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Qianhai has become one of the fastest-developing places with the highest economic quality and best economic performance in China,and one of the free trade zones with the greatest achievements in rule of law in China.

Report of Rule of Law in Qianhai(2021) provides a comprehensive,multi-dimensional and multi-level summary of the experience and achievements of the rule of law in Qianhai. This book analyzes and demonstrates the law-based government,judicial development,intellectual property protection,and construction of a law-based society in Qianhai,and looks into the future development of rule of law in Qianhai.

The blue book also contains a general report and an assessment report on rule of law in Qianhai. The general report comprehensively summarizes the experience and achievements of law-based governance in Qianhai in the previous year from a qualitative perspective. And the assessment report proposes the issues to be resolved in the development of rule of law in Qianhai when the objective data and materials have been taken into consideration.