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Internet Regulation and the International Trade Regime


By:Sun Nanxiang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-8-26 17:5:18


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About the author(s):


In the age of information, an open Internet is a key component for modern economic development. This book analyses the World Trade Organization Agreement for virtual society and explores key questions regarding internet regulation and trade barriers.


Information and communication technology has introduced a transformational element to international trade, in the shape of e-commerce. Although internet technology is conceptually neutral, it can be used as a medium that poses severe threats to individual rights, public morals, public order, and national security. World Trade Organization law and jurisprudence, which are the basis of global economic and trade rules, can be applied in cyberspace but internet regulatory measures can also pose a threat to free trade. This book thus explores the following questions: whether internet regulation constitutes a trade barrier; if so, what form does that take; and whether WTO members can invoke exception clauses to justify their internet regulatory measures? The research provides deep interpretations on treaty law and case law, and draws on additional interdisciplinary approaches to answer these questions.


This book will be of great interest to Scholars and Students of law, with a focus on international trade and internet regulation, as well as anyone interested in Chinese cyber law.