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Copyright Trade

Social Sciences Academic Press purchases and exports more than 50 copyright per year. The translated books we published concerning international studi...


Owing to Chinese Book International Promotion Program of Chinese government, and the large world market demands for Chinese social science achievement...

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Brief introducion of Social Sciences Academic Press

Founded in 1985, Social Sciences Academic Press (SSAP), the publishing wing of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), specializes in scholarly publication in the humanities and the social sciences. SSAP is committed to producing classics of broad and long-lasting influence both within academia and beyond, and increasingly, both inside and outside of China. In addition to books in a wide range of topics in sociology, history, law, education, environment, economics, linguistics and other disciplines, SSAP has spearheaded and made great strides in serial publications and multimedia products.

The best-known and most highly-acclaimed of SSAP' s serial publications is the Yearbooks Series, or annual reports on the state of the nation. About 200 titles are published every year in the series, which provide a comprehensive overview of China’s latest development in economy, society, education, environment, culture, law, governance, international relations, among others. The reports are compiled and edited by leading researchers and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other top research institutions in China.

SSAP' s international presence and activities have grown rapidly in recent years. We have now co-published with our overseas partners in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and North America more than one hundred titles of English translation of works by Chinese scholars, including many in the Yearbooks series. Social Sciences Academic Press is well-placed to become one of the most trusted names and a major publishing powerhouse in China, and its status as a noteworthy international scholarly publisher will continue to rise in the years to come.