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Courts get smarter, more convenient

By:China Daily 2021-04-20

Blue book says litigants can now use websites to access range of services People can get quicker access to a broader range of legal services now that Chinese courts have become "smarter" due to the adoption of more technological applicatio...

Rain or shine?

By:ZHAO HAI 2021-04-16

Given the current freeze in US-China relations, no news is good news for the observers of the bilateral relations. At a time when the Joe Biden administration seems more prone to continue the tried and failed China policies of the previous a...

Chinese courts accept online filing of 10.8 million cases in 2020

By:Xinhua 2021-04-15

BEIJING -- Chinese courts nationwide accepted the filing of 10.8 million cases online in 2020, accounting for 54 percent of the total suits filed in the first instance, according to a blue paper released Wednesday. Over 23 percent of the on...

List puts spotlight on China's 30 most attractive cities

By:CHENG SI 2021-04-09

The first list of the most attractive cities in China for travelers-released on Wednesday and based on their natural and cultural scenery, userfriendly accommodations and high-quality travel services-is designed to give other cities...

Trade in services takes digital leap

By:LIU ZHIHUA 2021-02-01

Latest report suggests Chinese firms can ride big opportunities to succeed overseas Trade in services has become an important feature of China's efforts to promote higher-level opening-up. It also helps optimize the presence of Chines...

Blue book gives details on China's progress in aid for disabled

By:China Daily 2020-12-28

The development index of China's aid for persons with disabilities has steadily increased from 2008 to 2018. The index rose to 71.5 percent from 44.9 percent, registering growth of 26.6 percentage points over the 10-year period accordin...