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Manufacturing activity still sluggish

By:CHEN JIA 2015-05-04

China's manufacturing activity was on the verge of contraction in April, firming up policymakers' key task of stabilizing growth by new stimulus measures. April's manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, released on Friday, remain...

Biography of Indonesian President Jokowi formally launched in Beijing...

By: 2015-04-22

A book titled "From the Banks of the Kalianyar to the State Palace: The Story of President Jokowi" was officially launched in Beijing on Wednesday. The book has been produced in Chinese by Professor Xu Liping, a well known expert in Indonesi...

China beefs up tax services to spur investment in Belt and Road

By: 2015-04-21

BEIJING - China's taxation authority unveiled ten measures on Monday to improve taxation services for investors to serve the Belt and Road Initiative.

Rule of law covers drivers and smokers

By:Chen Weihua 2015-04-20

Building a nation based on the rule of law is the ambitious goal set by the Fourth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held last October. It involves reform of the judicial system and other related institution...

First lady plays key role in diplomacy

By:Luo Wangshu 2015-04-17

Report states Peng Liyuan has charmed the world and promoted goodwill The first lady's international image and activities are important to China's public diplomacy, according to China's first public diplomacy research report release...

New urbanization to be strong engine for economy

By:Zhu Lixin 2015-04-14

Yangtze River Delta cities are seeking to strengthen their ties in urbanization to achieve further growth.Mayors of 30 cities gathered in Ma'ashan city of east China's Anhui province, last week for the 15th Yangtze River Delta Economic C...