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Research on Provincial Energy Efficiency and Policy in China


By:Hongliang Shi

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-12-16


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This book first conducts a systematic analysis of the performance and variability of energy efficiency influencing factors in China's provinces and regions, and clearly outlines the geographical pattern and characteristics of the distribution of energy efficiency in China's provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities based on environmental constraints; then, from the perspectives of seven energy efficiency influencing factors, including technological progress, the share of electricity in final energy consumption, coal reserves and foreign participation, the coefficient of variation of comprehensive energy efficiency are systematically measured and compared; then the governance issues of energy efficiency in China's provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities are thematically analyzed from four perspectives: structural and efficiency effects, energy rebound effects, energy price effects, and long-term and short-term effects of energy efficiency influencing factors, and targeted policy recommendations are put forward.