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Studies on China's Special Economic Zones


By:Yuan Yiming

Publication Date:2017-11-01

This timely and informative volume on special economic zones in China offers readers a collection of fine works by first-rate experts and scholars on a range of issues related to this topic. They include industrial upgrade and transformation, the development patterns of special ec...

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Mergers and Acquisitions and Industrial Integration in China: A Study of the Role of Inter-government Competitions...


By:Wang Fengrong

Publication Date:2016-11-30

The development of Mergers and Acquisitions in China is still poorly understood.  In this important book, the author examines how macroeconomic conditions shape the development of M&A, the effects of industrial policies, and of the dynamic relationship among governme...

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Global Energy Governance: Theory, Trend and China’s Path


By:Lu Gang

Publication Date:2018-07-16

The aim of this book is to understand the theoretical underpinnings of global energy governance and what such a theory can tell us about past, present and future development of the geopolitics of world energy supply and demand. The author argues that global energy governance is a func...

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Gas Yuan


By:Huang Xiaoyong

Publication Date:2018-05-25

The book proposes that the construction of regional natural gas trading center in Northeast Asia and cross-border yuan trade settlement and the transaction of natural gas will exert a positive influence to China’s energy security, which contribute to domestic natural gas i...

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Strategic Choices and Policy Responses : A Study of the Spillover and Feedback Effects of Regional Coordination in Low Carbon Devel...


By:Zhang Youguo

Publication Date:2018-05-03

What advantages does regional coordination offer in relation to the goal of low-carbon development? How is it to be achieved and what  are its consequences for the prospects of long-term economic growth in China? These are just some of the questions the author attempts to answe...

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Bay Area Economy: Exploration and Practice


By:Lu Wenbin

Publication Date:2018-05-01

The book gives systematic studies on the definition of the Bay area and Bay area economy, the famous bay areas in the world and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay areas, and Hangzhou bay area, and tries to the concepts of the economic development of bay area, formation mechanism, a...

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