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International ESG Investment Policies, Regulations and Practices


By:Yu Jiantuo, Li Wen

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-12-15


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ESG investment, which incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance factors into investment analysis and decision making, has now become a global trend, and ESG investment is of great significance to China's sustainable development. China has already built a moderately prosperous society and has won the battle against poverty. In the future, China will need further transformation and reform to achieve its carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, its 2030 sustainable development goals and its 2035 modernisation goals, and an ESG policy framework that takes into account social and environmental impacts can help accelerate this process. This book analyses the practices of 18 representative major economies around the world in practising ESG and sustainable development, and summarises the ESG policies and regulations of major economies and their related practices, with a view to providing useful references for China to formulate and improve ESG-related policies.